Welcome to the Erin A. Alexander, LPC-S, Certified Clinical Sexologist Secure Client Area

I work primarily with couples and the military population. My areas of interest in working with these populations are: recovery from infidelity, human sexuality issues, and same-sex relationship challenges.

The goal is to help people move past physical and emotional challenges to have a satisfying relationships and pleasurable sex lives.

I consider much of my work Relationship Crisis Intervention and Management challenges like those connected with infidelity and deployment. I do also provide relationship coaching strategies for dating, self-esteem, social skills and transitioning from divorce. I assist couples when there are problems with sexual dysfunctional, like libido problems caused by sexual trauma.

The interventions I use are solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and person-centered techniques. I assign homework and recommend specific readings, so that clients can engage in the personal development process. I believe that when you are a whole healthy person, you are able to contribute to a healthy relationship.

Since many of these issues tend to have very sensitive content, it is my belief that they be handled in an environment that specializes in this area, and that couples address this under private pay.

ACS, Sexologist Certification 2018

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