Gottman Institute (Communication skills)

Imago Therapy (Communiation skills)

Sex Hacker Pro, by Kenneth Play (Intimacy and Sexual Pleasure)

DomSubLiving, by Alessandra (BDSM and Relationship Power Dynamic)

BDSM, Consent, and the Law

Erotic Adventures at Play: Injuries, Medical Complications, and

Navigating Health Care Encounters (Kink safety)

Shibari Study (Kink safety)

Open Smarter, by Dr. Zhana (Consensual Non-monogamy)

Sex Coaching program with the Sexology Institute

Contemporary Treatment of Male Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Attitude Reassessment training

PTSD and Sexuality

Regular collaboration with Dr. James Wadley, Ph.D. Licensed Professional Counselor (PA & NJ) 

Regular collaboration with Yana Tallon-Hicks, LMFT

Regular collaboration with Melissa Jones, Sexologist and Executive Director of the Sexology Institute

I lead monthly group discussions for the sex coaching students for case studies, and specialized topics associated with alternative lifestyles, sexual pleasure, ethical matters, etc.).