Here is a list of things I can cover under the sexology umbrella:

**erectile dysfunction

**low libido

**lack of interest

**premature ejaculation

**low confidence

**lack of response to sexual stimulus

**inability to reach orgasm

**excessive libido

**trauma and sexual trauma

**inability to control sexual behavior

**distressing sexual thoughts

**unwanted sexual fetishes

**recovery from infidelity

**issues with the relationship power dynamic (in general and associated with BDSM)

**Combat-related PTSD and sexual dysfunction

**issues related to consensual non-monogamy (swinging, polyamory, etc.)

There are various assessments/questionnaires used in sexology, in addition to other tools when working with individuals and couples. Listen to some of the sample questions and the contexts in which they are asked. See how these can be helpful communication tools for couples, and how these assessments help the professionals craft the goals of the interventions, or referrals. 

This podcast episode explains how the assessments are used